Distributed Automation VI – Smart Grid Automation IEC61499

Automation III – Distributed Automation

Smart Grid Achieved in Sweden with NOJA Power Reclosers

E.ON [Elnät, Sweden] runs a project for Smarter Grids. In four geographical areas, different suppliers were tested. The Techinova/NOJA Power solution has the highest degree of automation and was the first supplier to complete the assignment with delivery, commissioning, training and handover.”

Using SGA is Your Logical Answer

11 April 2017, Brisbane Australia - In the natural evolution of utility networks, the playing field for utility engineers is becoming increasingly more complicated. This is not the fault of the utility engineer, but ultimately a symptom of a network which has greater and greater demands placed upon it from reliability and safety methods.

2017 Corporate Profile records NOJA Power’s continued investment in facilities, new product introductions and strong financial performance in distribution automation

Getting Serious with Sparks

6 December 2016, Brisbane Australia – Utility world, it’s high time we have a little discussion. It seems that lately, a certain artefact of the very nature of our work has become the subject of much scrutiny and misjudgement.

Switchgear Evolved: Hybrid Switchgear in the Modern Distribution Network

NOJA Power highlights how Automatic Circuit Reclosers will make it simpler and less expensive to connect renewable energy sources to smart grids

NOJA Power Automatic Circuit Reclosers selected as essential elements of Colombian smart grid installations

NOJA Power showcases advanced Smart Grid solutions at the Hannover Fair 2015